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RedBlack Consulting is a full-service, student-run agency that is backed with the resources, skills, and connections of terpAMA, ranked in the Top 25 collegiate AMA chapters in the nation.

Founded in Spring 2010, RedBlack Consulting (originally named terpAMA Consulting) has proven to be a unique opportunity for local businesses, student organizations, and private clients to improve their marketing framework.‚Äč Our team of boundless innovators are dedicated to helping clients stand above the crowd by planning and implementing successful creative marketing campaigns. Our services include:

Creative Design

Providing creative, unique graphic design for logos, webpages, marketing materials, etc.

Digital Marketing

Designing and redeveloping e-marketing strategies, focusing on website and social media

Branding & Rebranding

Redesigning brand logos and webpages, relaunching brand identity

Social Media Management

Developing overall strategy and customized content for Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn

Campaign Planning

Generating marketing proposals, budgets, and timelines

Market Research

Designing surveys and conducting focus groups with the Millennial university audience to provide detailed, focused results